TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Breakfast lovers and coffee addicts are going to need to tighten their belts and guard their wallets as the latest inflation numbers show consumers morning favorites are getting priced out at the cash register.

Everyone knows someone who’s a monster without their coffee in the morning. Now those coffee drinkers will have more reason to be grumps before their cup of Jo, with the price of coffee now up 7.5% according to the latest Consumer Price Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

National inflation rates are continuing to hit near-historic levels at 6.8%, the highest increase in 39 years, according to the BLS. Those price increases are hitting more than just consumer caffeine hookups heading into Christmas.

Coffee’s not the only breakfast favorite that could break the bank this holiday season. Bacon is 21% more expensive and sausage isn’t much better with prices 17.8% higher.

While something as simple as buttered toast is an easy morning meal, both butter and bread are also more expensive, coming in at 3.9% and 4%, respectively.

If you prefer eggs with your bacon or sausage, expect an 8% higher price for your average dozen.

Even cereal prices rose, with cereal up 4.4% and milk up between 4.4% and 6.6% depending on how much fat you like in it. However, prices did go down a little for cheese, but not by much. If you want to pay cash for cheddar, you’re only seeing your bill go down 0.3%.

Generally, produce got pricier, too, with fresh fruits going up 5.8% and vegetables going up 2.2%. The most expensive price increase in the fruit section at your local grocery store is apples, which got 7.4% pricier, but mashed and baked potato lovers can cheer. Potato prices dropped 0.2%, so just a small cheer.

The basic blocks for a classic burger are also getting more expensive.

For lettuce, tomato and ground beef, you can expect to see 3.2%, 3% and a whopping 13.9% price increase before you even get to the bun. Bread prices were only 4% higher but biscuits and rolls were 6.6% higher.