TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Supply chain shortages and shortages of technology involved in new gaming systems are causing headaches for those starting to shop for the holidays this year ahead of Black Friday and the Christmas season.

While many of the “new” systems have been on the market for over a year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been very difficult for gamers and their families to get their hands on a system.

Whether you’re searching for a PlayStation 5 for yourself, or a Nintendo Switch for a family or friend, it’s difficult to score a deal this year, even from major retailers.

8 On Your Side has compiled a list of each new gaming system your loved one may be asking for this holiday season, and the status of online orders from various websites.

*Note, this list is based on the standard price of a new system, which does not include bundles. This list will be updated during the holiday season. Be sure to click the link to a website listed for a particular console for the latest price and information.

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 was released in Nov. 2020 and features a system where physical game disks can be used, or a cheaper system where video games can be downloaded digitally and the system itself costs around $100 less.

Amazon: Currently, the PS5 is unavailable via Amazon. The website states, “we do not know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

Walmart: Walmart currently does not have the PS5 system in stock online.

Best Buy: The system is also sold out at Busy Buy as well, though the site says they are “working to get more inventory.” If that is the case, Best Buy will also offer $27.78 a month for 18-month financing for the system, in addition to the up-front price of $499.

GameStop: The PS5 system, which retails at $459.99 at GameStop, is sold out, as is the edition of the system which only allows for digital downloads of video games for $359.99. Online, GameStop is offering up to $250 for a gamer to turn in their PlayStation 4 system to upgrade, when stock becomes available.

Target: The system is sold out online at Target as well. Both versions of the system cannot even be clicked on, with the website stating “consoles will be viewable when inventory is available.”

eBay: If you’re looking to splurge, the cheapest “Buy it Now” price for a PlayStation 5 on eBay is around $979.99 for the version that requires video game disks.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s latest big gaming console was released in Nov. 2020, alongside its Sony competition.

Amazon: The online retail giant is selling the newest Xbox in an all-digital form for $478, but as of Nov. 16, only 11 are left online.

Walmart: Walmart currently has stock of the new Xbox Series X system, available in different forms for around $950 through other merchandisers and fulfilled by Walmart. The retailer is also offering “Xbox All Access,” which is the new console or the previous Xbox Series S console and 24 months of “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate,” beginning at $25 for 24 months.

Best Buy: The one-terabyte version of the Xbox Series X is currently sold out at Best Buy, where it initially is priced at $500. Other package deals for this version of the Xbox are sold out online and listed as “unavailable nearby” when using the 8 On Your Side address.

GameStop: Currently, both the Xbox Series X is sold out via GameStop, but refurbished Xbox Series S digital editions are available.

Target: The Xbox Series X is currently out of stock at Target, not even appearing when someone searches its name through the website. The Xbox Series S is $300 through the retailer and requires digital downloads.

eBay: Through eBay, the Xbox Series X is selling for around $500 in various conditions, so be sure to check the listing.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s latest console was released in 2017, but various iterations of the system have been released since, with many folks scrambling to order one during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The latest edition is called the OLED Model, but the previous Nintendo Switch, as well as the “Nintendo Switch Lite,” a handheld system, is available for purchase as well.

Amazon: The OLED Nintendo Switch system is in stock on the website, started at $317.39, used, and extremely few remain in stock. There are bundles with accessories and video games available, such as a new system with “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for $439.

Walmart: The OLED Switch is available for $509, or $48 a month. Many other editions of the Switch, as well as bundles with video games for the system, are available, through other merchandisers and fulfilled by Walmart.

Best Buy: The newest addition to the Nintendo console family is currently sold out online at Best Buy.

GameStop: The Nintendo Switch OLED is currently out of stock on GameStop’s website.

Target: The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is currently not listed online.

eBay: There are eBay listings available for the Nintendo Switch OLED model, from as low as $479, or best offer.

Oculus Quest 2

Amazon: The new virtual reality headset is in stock via Amazon at $300. The more advanced headset with increased storage runs for $400.

Walmart: Both versions of the headset are in stock on Walmart.com for $299 for 128 gigabytes of storage and 256 gigs for $495

Best Buy: Best Buy is carrying both versions of the headset for $299 in the standard headset and $488 for the 256 GB of storage set.

Target: Target has stock of the virtual reality sensation available for both pick-up, same-day delivery and delivery for $299 and $399.

eBay: The Oculus Quest 2 is available for standard pricing via eBay as well.

Were you able to score a deal on a new gaming system for yourself or your family this holiday season? Did we miss anything? Let us know by emailing druth@wfla.com or online@wfla.com.