TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA)- It’s been almost three years since Johnny Johnson lost his son, Jayquon.  

“His smile was the brightest thing about him,” said Johnson. 

The 6 foot 10 inch tall,  Brandon High School sophomore and basketball star, was gunned down at a home in Valrico on New Year’s Day back in 2017, in what police believe was a drug deal gone wrong. 

Johnson’s shooter, a teenager, told police he acted in self-defense.

Ultimately, he was never charged with Johnson’s murder, but faced several drug charges. 

Now year’s following the shooting, Johnson’s father tells 8 On Your Side, justice has not been served. 

“The stand your ground law is totally unbalanced.” 

Back in 2017, Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law was altered to place the burden of proof on prosecutors. Johnson is now advocating for a more transparent understanding of the revised statute.  

“My overall goal is to bring it back to the floor, look at the overall chaos that the law has caused and in particular, the law has caused for unjustified homicides to go up tremendously,” said Johnson. 

The heartbroken and determined father plans to take his message to Florida lawmakers. Starting Jan. 13, Johnson along with a group of cyclists will ride from Jayquon’s grave-site in Tampa, to the State Capitol in Tallahassee. 

“We can do better than this, we are better than this. This state, this country, is so much better than what we are demonstrating overall. The bright side is that I have hope that we can make some changes and put a silver lining to my son’s death,” said Johnson.  

To learn more about Johnson’s bike ride and GoFundMe page, click here.