TAMPA (WFLA)- The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything, including the experience of having a baby. 

“You don’t really get to enjoy your pregnancy as other people have gotten to enjoy their pregnancy,” said Elizabeth Herandez. 

Herandez is expecting her firstborn, Gabriel Alexander Hernandez, in August and tells WFLA.com, when the coronavirus pandemic began, like many pregnant women, she found that her family wasn’t allowed in the room for her prenatal visits.  

That’s when the 26-year-old found an alternative option: Baby Scene.  

“This place actually gave me the opportunity to bring my family members that haven’t been able to see the baby, especially my husband,” said Herandez. 

Baby Scene opened it’s doors to the public in February and choose to operate during the coronavirus pandemic in order to help newly pregnant moms navigate the changing world around them. 

“We brought a lot of assurances to moms who had taken a pregnancy test and couldn’t get into their doctor’s offices for 10 weeks because the doctors just had so many people that they had to take into account,” said Baby Scene Co-founder and CEO Valorie Bauer. “We kept our distances and we were able to give mom that assurance of there is a heartbeat. We were able to give dad the ‘oh my God, there’s my baby.” 

Bauer tells WFLA.com, Baby Scene was first born after seeing the 4D ultrasound of her own granddaughter.  

“Just the whole idea of hearing the heartbeat, that is just amazing. You know to me, when I look at the screen, I have goosebumps. I look at the screen and I just think that’s amazing and we saw my granddaughter and that’s kind of how we started baby scene so we were able to see her sonogram and thought it was just an amazing experience. And we wanted to offer that to other moms,” said Bauer. 

 The West Kennedy Boulevard business offers pre and postnatal massages and yoga but their most sought-after service during the pandemic has been their 4D-HD/3D/2D sonogram services.  

“”It’s very advanced. You can just see by the images that we take, how in detail you get the lips, the nose, the cheeks. It’s top notch,” said ultrasound technician Jackie Cortes. 

Cortes, who is also employed by St. Joseph’s Hospital, is just one of four ultrasound technicians at Baby Scene.  

“I love to see the miracle of growing a human inside of you and being able to see that on the screen and seeing the joy that that brings to the families,” said Cortes. 

“The benefits and the joys that we’ve been able to bring people during this whole pandemic is what makes me, I get emotional, it’s what makes me, just so happy that we opened this,” said Bauer.  

For additional information on Baby Scene or Valorie Bauer, visit their Facebook page or their website