PLANT CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – Who says romance is dead? Apparently, Plant City haunted attraction, Ominous Descent, does. 

This Valentine’s Day, the I-4 haunted house is proving just how frightening love can be. 

“In pop media, there is a lot of horror movies that center around the theme of love and Valentine’s Day. ‘My Bloody Valentine’ is just one example. So it’s a unique offering that we are able to bring our fans in for a holiday that is not Halloween and give them one more chance in the year to get scared,” said Zach Glaros, the owner of Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail.  

“Lover’s Revenge” will be for two nights only. Glaros said couples will be able to experience three haunted trails with a twist of “love.” 

“All three of our trails, we have changed the lighting on them and done a lot of scenic work. Guests will still see very familiar characters but each has a new twist of love with a new story itself.” 

The haunted attraction will also offer laser tag and an escape room. 

“I think this brings couples close together, especially if you are on a date,” Glaros said.

For more information, visit Ominous Descent’s website.