TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Prepare to be terrified when a new horror series filmed entirely in the Tampa Bay area drops on a yet-to-be-announced platform on Sept. 1.

Kristian Krempel and Doug Fox are producers for the show, titled “Black Veil.”

The first episode is directed by Dan Myrick of “Blair Witch Project” fame, who will stay on throughout the rest of production.

Krempel and Myrick worked together on a previous stream, “Skyman,” in California.

“Funny enough, we were both sitting in the trailer, I forgot we were both from Longboat Key and we started kicking it around and saying, ‘man, we’ll I’m from there.’ ‘And we should go back to Florida and bring productions back there,’” Krempel explained. “And there’s nobody better than him, he’s the best, most successful independent filmmaker in history.”

And bring a production to Florida they did – right here in the Tampa Bay area. Myrick opened a film studio in Ybor City in 2019. Krempel is a producer and agent for the studio, while Fox is a writer, director and producer.

The development on this series began in August.

The first episode of “Black Veil,” titled “Camera Obsoura” was filmed in Plant City. Five more episodes will be filmed, and all will be in our area.

“Our goal is to move it around Hillsborough County and the Tampa Bay area. We will be filming in Temple Terrace, obviously Tony Armer across the bay, we’re going to be working with him as well in St. Petersburg in Pinellas County,” Krempel said. “But basically to augment the Super Bowl efforts now that we’re 364 days or 363 days away from the Super Bowl. We’re here to help showcase Tampa and do our part to augment…their…brand the city.” 

“Black Veil” isn’t just using local locations to shoot. Tampa Bay locals are getting in on the spooky fun as well.

“One thing we did though, we’re trying to use 95 percent or more of local talent in every episode. We want this to be a Tampa production,” Fox said. “This was my first shoot here, Kristian’s done some, but this is my first production in Tampa, so of course I was worried about the local crew, but they were amazing. They blew me away.”

Krempel is adamant that productions need to continue in the Bay area.

“Film incentives in the last eight years has caused a big vacuum. All of our talent, or a lot of the talent, and below the line and above the line, have left to states where there are jobs, like the Peach State,” he explained. “There’s no shortcut. In order to bring the talent back and give them a reason to be here and reside here, we have to maintain productions year ‘round and give them the opportunity to work.” 

The producers told 8 On Your Side that cinematography lens company Cooke has partnered with the project. They say those lenses have only upped their game.

“People’s minds are going to be blown with what we did. It looks like we spent millions and millions and millions of dollars here in Tampa, but we just did it ‘cause we’ve been doing this a long time,” Fox said of their connection with the company.

Casting for talent and a need for extras will take place within the coming weeks when production begins on episode two. Those interested can keep tabs on that information on “Black Veil’s” website.

In the meantime, “Skyman,” the film Krempel worked on with Myrick, will close out the Gasparilla Film Festival.