TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – At 62 years old, George Hood is proving age is just a number and it’s never too late to get into the best shape of your life. 

“That’s what the world knows me now, currently for the plank pose,” said Hood. 

Hood, credits himself for making the plank mainstream, is currently a 12-time World Record holder and the international record holder for “Male Abdominal Plank,” at an astounding time of 10 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds.  

“When I left China in 2014, after setting the record over for 4 hours, 1 minute, that really brought the plank mainstream,” said Hood. 

Hood will now make his final plank record attempt in February for the Guinness World Record. 

“We have just completed a training cycle. Six long planks in preparation for the main event on February 15 and it was successful. The last plank we did surpassed the Guinness world record for 8 hours and 1 minute,” said Hood. 

In addition to plank training, Hood a former U.S. Marine and NCIS/DEA Supervisory Special Agent, does 2,000 setups and 700 push-up’s a day. 

“Once you start a routine, the objective is to finish it. I am all about setting goals, keeping score breaking records, because quite frankly, anything else is just exercise.” 

And Hood’s mission is not all about being physically fit, the 62-year-old will attempt the plank record at 515 Fitness Inc.  

“The owner of that facility has a patent pending for a process that is combining fitness with counseling. It is fairly dynamic,” said Hood.  

All proceeds from Hood’s record-breaking attempt will go to Braidwood Area Healthy Community Coalition. Both 515 Fitness Inc. and the coalition are Indiana-based organizations that focus on mental health.

“I think everyone has mental health issues that they go through and we want to bring that to the forefront and make it OK to exercise our mind, just like we exercise our bodies,” said Peter Dell’Aquila with the Braidwood Area Healthy Community Coalition.

Ahead of Hood’s record-breaking planking endeavor and journey towards raising awareness about mental health, he is in Tampa doing pre-production work on his upcoming fitness video, set for release later this year.  

“I am going to give them my top 12 exercises and specific training routines to do in order to hold a plank and be successful in one’s fitness journey,” he said. 

Hood will make his final attempt at the Guinness World Record for “The Longest Male Abdominal Plank” on February 15. Guinness World Record officials will be present to certify Hood’s attempt, should he be successful. To follow George Hood’s Journey, follow him on Twitter.