TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It is not uncommon to have drought conditions in the middle of the dry season in Tampa Bay. However, parts of the area are in an extreme drought right now and desperately need rain.

The typical Florida rainy season is right around the corner, but is not in full swing just yet.

On average, the rainy season for West Central Florida runs from May 25th to October 10th. However, it is not set in stone and does vary from year to year.

Four key things are needed for rainy season to officially kick off.

  1. The Bermuda High Pressure needs to be set up in the Atlantic.
  2. The water temperatures need to be warmer than 82 degrees near the coast and offshore.
  3. The atmosphere needs to have enough moisture in the upper levels.
  4. The surface dew points need to be in the low 70s as well so there is plenty of moisture for those showers to form.

The beginning of rainy season is not typically a flip of a switch, either.

Like we have seen in the past few weeks, several days have resembled the pattern with afternoon and evening storms, but are then followed by drier days with low humidity.

So although there will be days in the upcoming weeks with afternoons storms, rain chances will not likely return to the forecast regularly until the end of the month or early June.