WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WFLA) – Volunteers are readying the portable kitchen that Christian Disaster Response hauls to natural disasters. It was last used to cook for and feed victims of Hurricane Michael in the Panhandle.

Portable food kitchen being prepared for hurricane victims

“We’re getting it ready in case we have to feed here in Florida, we may even feed in this location,” said Pastor Ron Patterson of Christian Disaster Response.

In 2017, volunteers with Christian Disaster Response loaded trucks with supplies, then drove to Houston to help relieve victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Patterson’s warehouse is empty of supplies, a shipment he says just went to a church asking for assistance.

He is praying for donations from individuals as well as corporations.

“A lot of times large companies will donate truckloads of supplies. After one hurricane on Galveston Island, Tyson donated a large truckload of chicken,” Pastor Patterson recalled.

Pastor Ron Patterson is asking for donations for Bahamas relief

Once donations start arriving, volunteers put together “Gift of the Heart” recovery kits. A health kit might contain a hand towel, comb, bandaids, washcloth, toothbrush, nail file, new bath size bar of soap, as well as a tube of toothpaste.

Clean up kits contain a bucket filled with sponges, a wire brush, plastic garbage bags, a scrub brush, rubber gloves, and a Lysol-type disinfectant. Shipments of food, medical supplies, water purification equipment are prepared and sent to areas in need.

For the Bahamas, Pastor Patterson anticipates a lot will be needed.

“Last I heard there was total devastation. Things are bad, the storm is still over the Northern Bahamas, damage is continuing. When you have that kind of wind for that length of time things are destroyed,” Patterson explained.

Once the storm passes, a ship will dock in Ft. Lauderdale and be loaded with supplies for the Bahamas.

If you can help with supplies or donations, go to their website.