TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The tropics are staying busy as we near the peak of hurricane season.

The National Hurricane Center is still monitoring Tropical Storm Franklin, as well as three disturbances, including one that could impact Florida next week.

Disturbance in the Caribbean Sea

A tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea is likely to develop into a tropical depression over the weekend or early next week, according to the NHC.

The NHC said forecasters in the Yucatan Peninsula, western Cuba and Florida should keep an eye on this tropical wave.

New Euro model of tropical disturbance

“The tropical wave has entered the western Caribbean Sea, but it is still unorganized,” said Max Defender 8 meteorologist Leigh Spann. “The system will head north and stay weak for the next few days. Land interaction with the Yucatan Peninsula may impact development. Once it gets into the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico, it may get stronger early next week. The tropical moisture increases our rain chances in the middle of next week, but how strong the winds will be is still uncertain.”

It has a 70% chance of development over the next seven days.

National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storm Franklin

Forecasters believe Tropical Storm Franklin will strengthen into a hurricane over the weekend.

The storm has maximum sustained winds of 60 mph, with higher gusts.

Franklin is forecast to make a sharp turn north on Friday night and into Saturday. It will continue moving over the western Atlantic through early next week.

Areas of interest

The NHC is also watching two other tropical waves in the Atlantic.

What’s left of Tropical Storm Emily is producing an elongated area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms, the NHC said.

Meteorologists said the low pressure system is expected to merge with a frontal boundary over the north-central Atlantic in the next day or so. Forecasters gave the system a 30% chance of formation over the next two days.

Disorganized showers and thunderstorms between the Cape Verde Islands and the northern Lesser Antilles could form into a tropical depression by early next week.

The NHC said the system has a 50% chance of formation over the next seven days.