TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — There’s more than a month left still in this year’s hurricane season and, even though the tropics have quieted down, we still could see another named storm.

The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring a disturbance off the coast of the northeastern United States. The NHC describes it as a deep, non-tropical low-pressure system with storm-force winds. It was about 100 miles south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts on Wednesday morning.

According to the NHC, the system is expected to “meander” off the U.S. coast Wednesday and bring heavy rain and wind impacts to parts of the mid-Atlantic and northeast. The disturbance is then expected to move to the east, away from the United States.

Once it moves away from the U.S., over the warm waters of the central Atlantic Ocean, the NHC says the system could develop some subtropical characteristics through the weekend.

The NHC has given the system a low 10 percent chance of formation through 48 hours and a medium 40 percent chance of formation through the next five days.

If another storm forms this season, it will get the name Wanda – the last name left on this year’s list. If we get through all of the names on the list, any additional storms will get names from an alternate list instead of the Greek alphabet like in previous years.