TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Two disturbances in the tropics are still being monitored, and now have a better chance of formation, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The latest tropical weather outlook from the NHC, released on Thursday, increased the formation chances on both disturbances. Both areas now have a medium chance of development in the coming days.

The first area being monitored is a long area of low pressure over the Atlantic that’s producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms. According to the NHC, a subtropical depression could form by weekend as the disturbances moves north and encounters a surface low pressure system.

However, forecasters with the NHC say the system will run into upper-level winds that are less favorable for development by Saturday.

As of Thursday afternoon, the first disturbance has a medium 40 percent chance of formation through the next 48 hours and the next five days.

“If it does develop, it’s just going to move north either way,” WFLA Meteorologist Rebecca Barry said. “It’s not going to affect our area. So we’re not really worried about this one – it’s more of a fish storm.”

The second area that forecasters are watching is an area of low pressure that’s expected to form this weekend over the Caribbean Sea. The NHC says conditions are forecast to be favorable for gradual development.

The disturbance could become a tropical depression next week as it moves west over the Caribbean, according to the latest outlook. It’s been given a low near zero percent chance of formation through 48 hours and a medium 50 percent chance of formation through five days.

“This one is developing in a troubling area because it does look like it could potentially swing into the Gulf if you’re just looking at this map,” Barry said. “But if you’re looking at a map with wind shear, there’s a ton of shear to the north of it. So it’s most likely going to stay to the south. If it does get closer to our area, it would get torn apart by the wind shear. Nothing to worry about there.”