TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — With two weeks left to go in the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, tropical activity has been almost non-existent, despite La Nina developing.

Typically, a La Nina weather pattern favors an increase in tropical activity, allowing upper level winds in the Atlantic to be favorable for tropical development. However, Tropical Storm Wanda was the last storm to form and dissipated 10 days ago in the northern Atlantic, never having affected land.

It is also notable that, since records began, this is the first year that a major hurricane has not formed from Sept. 26 to Nov. 17. The last major hurricane to form was Hurricane Same that formed Sept. 25. It remained a major hurricane for over a week and eventually dropped to a Category 2 hurricane on Oct. 3.

There has been a total of four major hurricanes in the Atlantic for the 2021 season. The National Hurricane Center predicted three to five to form for the entire year. The other three included Hurricane Grace, Hurricane Ida and Hurricane Larry.

Four major hurricanes is slightly above average. The total number of storms has equaled 21, which is well above the average of 14 named storms per year.