TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season officially started Monday, June 1 and we are already tracking what could become the third named storm of the year.

An area of showers and storms near the Yucatan Peninsula developed to become Tropical Depression Three on Monday afternoon. The system is part of the remnants of the recently-dissipated Tropical Storm Amanda, which formed in the Pacific and made landfall in Guatemala on Sunday.

The mountains tore the storm apart but a new storm may develop this week as the disturbance moves into the Bay of Campeche.

There is little confidence where this disturbance will eventually track. The area of potential development will likely sit near or over Central America for the first part of the workweek. After that, the area of moisture could move north in the Gulf or it could circle back around and move into Mexico.

Tropical Depression Three, formerly Invest 93-L, is also part of a larger, very broad area of lower pressure known as the Central American Gyre. This broad circulation and area of moisture have been producing heavy rain leading to flooding and mudslides over the weekend. The flooding threat will continue in Central America as moisture lingers.

If the tropical wave redevelops in the Gulf into an organized low pressure with sustained winds of 39 mph, it would be named Cristobal. Arthur and Bertha have already been checked off the 2020 list.

The Tracking the Tropics team will monitor developments of this disturbance over the coming days and provide updates as needed. The US Gulf Coast should keep an eye out for these updates from the team.