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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It is officially peak hurricane season in the Atlantic basin, and the National Hurricane Center is keeping a close eye on two areas of potential development.

The first area being monitored, deemed Invest 96L, is a tropical wave in the central Atlantic that’s being associated with showers and thunderstorms. The disturbance is about a thousand miles east of the Lesser Antilles, according to the NHC.

Even though environmental conditions are only somewhat favorable, the NHC said some gradual development could be possible in the coming days, and a tropical depression could form as the system moves west over the Atlantic.

“This is the one everyone is focused on right now,” Max Defender 8 Meteorologist Rebecca Barry said. “The forecast models are still pretty split on where this will end up, so it’s too soon to tell where it’s going to head in the Atlantic if it does form.”

Invest 96L currently has a low 30 percent chance of formation through 48 hours and a medium 40 percent chance of formation through five days.

The second area the NHC is keeping an eye on has a lower chance of formation. The tropical wave is near the Cabo Verde Islands.

According to the NHC, showers and thunderstorms that were associated with the disturbance decreased on Tuesday.

The Tuesday afternoon tropical weather outlook from the NHC said environmental conditions are not overly favorable for development in the coming days and, “the chance for development appears to be decreasing.”

The wave is expected to move west across the Atlantic through the end of the week. The NHC said it has a low, near zero percent chance of formation through 48 hours and a low 10 percent chance of formation through five days.

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