DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) – One of the most popular beaches in Florida was relatively empty during one of the most popular beach holidays of the year on Saturday.

Daytona Beach saw few tourists and locals when 8 On Your Side stopped by.

Gregory Lee is a native and said even he is worried about this storm.

“It seems like it’s happening way too much lately. I’m scared about this one because I was here on Matthew,” he said. “If it hits us at 4, I don’t know where I live will still be standing, so of course, yeah, I’m concerned.”

We found more tourists than locals soaking up the last bit of sun before Dorian’s effects may be felt on Florida’s east coast.

Maria Borrero is vacationing with her boyfriend and his family from Illinois.

They changed their flight to be sure they get out of Florida before any effects of the storm are felt, but she’s trying to make the most of her last weekend in the Sunshine State.

“I’m a little concerned, but to be honest, the few days before, it’s beautiful. There’s family time, there’s friends time, his cousins are here, it’s family time, you know. So it’s better to take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the beach,” Borrero said.

JR Hennemann and his friends were out surfing Saturday afternoon.

He said the surf was small, but he’s planning to go to Ponce Inlet Sunday, hoping things kick up.

His advice for anyone concerned about Dorian?

“Get on 95 and head north.”

Newlywed Rachel Worden has a happy story of her visit to Daytona Beach. She and her husband are on the very last leg of their honeymoon and will leave Florida before we may see any of Hurricane Dorian.

“It just happened, we got married last Saturday and we were like ‘yeah, we’re going to Daytona!’” she said. “So we’ve had it planned for a while and you know, it just happened. Our friends live here, they introduced us, so they’re crashing our honeymoon too.”

Storm Team 8 continues to track Hurricane Dorian, even as it tracks east, away from Florida’s east coast. Stay tuned to the WFLA Facebook page for Tracking the Tropics updates every three hours.

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