TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A portion of a tree fell on a home in Lakeland during Hurricane Ian and now the homeowner is living in an RV because they do not have power.

News Channel 8’s Xavier Harris was in Polk County early Thursday morning surveying the damage, which also included downed power lines.

“As we were driving here, we could see part of a tree that’s on [a] home,” Xavier said.

He said he and his photojournalist briefly spoke to the homeowner, who told them they are now currently living out of the RV next to the home.

The tree also fell on the homeowner’s car.

Most of the community in Polk has lost power, with current numbers saying about 62,400 customers are experiencing outages as of Thursday morning.

First responders are asking those in the area to be patient as they continue to respond to calls.