TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The National Hurricane Center reported a new area of disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean Friday.

An NHC outlook said a non-tropical area of low pressure was found over 1,400 miles east of Bermuda, producing limited rain showers.

Satellite wind data found that the low-pressure area had maximum sustained winds of 40 mph as it continued westward at 20 to 25 mph toward warmer waters.

At this time, it has a low chance to form into a tropical cyclone, with only a 10% over the next 48 hours.

“The area highlighted by NHC is an upper-level low so that makes it even more difficult for this to form, and it would take a longer time,” chief meteorologist Jeff Berardelli said. “First it would need to transition into a tropical entity, and that can take many days. “

The NHC said it could develop subtropical or tropical characteristics by next week, but the chance of formation still remains low.

“Even if it were to form it is already decently far north and will likely only gain latitude over the coming days,” Berardelli said. “Lastly, this time of year fronts come along so frequently that the system would have a very hard time making it all the way to the East Coast of the US. So this is most likely destined to be a fish storm.”