RIVERVIEW, Fla. (WFLA) — Several transformers blew up in Riverview on Thursday, hours after Hurricane Ian swept through the area, leaving behind widespread damage in several communities.

The explosion happened around 6 a.m. Thursday on 301 in Riverview, just north of Gibsonton Drive. WFLA’s Shannon Behnken was in the area already because of reports of a transformer leaning.

“While we were actually waiting for our last live shot, that transformer right behind me blew up,” Behnken said. “It was very dramatic – it blew up on one side right behind me.”

Behnken said she could actually feel the heat from the explosion all the way across the street. Two more explosions happened right after.

“This area had a little bit of power when we first got here and now it’s gone,” she said. “So this is, again, a reminder of how dangerous it is out here on the roads. This could happen as cars are passing by and on our way here, we saw multiple trees down in the streets. So you need to be extremely careful if you are driving out here.”

First responders in many of the communities hit hard by Ian are asking residents to avoid going outside for now so crews can assess damage.