GULFPORT, Fla. (WFLA) – While some local businesses shut down early due to Hurricane Elsa some businesses are staying open and making it an event to remember for good times.

O’Maddy’s Bar & Grille in Gulfport hosted a “hurricane party” for residents to grab dinner and drinks while also getting the chance to “watch the storm come in.”

“Yeah we’re open tonight, a little party for the people, everyone else is closed down around here and it’s just kind of our culture here,” said Christopher Harrison, bar manager at O’Maddy’s Bar and Grille.

Harrison said they have a culture of weathering all life’s storms together. “Just whatever happens, we’re always open. People can depend on us always,” Harrison said.

People like Jade Austin, her boyfriend Thomas Yoakum, and their dog GiGi.

They brought GiGi to O’Maddy’s with them, they said usually she freaks out in bad weather and they didn’t want to leave her alone.

“We came out for dinner and drinks and to watch the storm,” Austin said. She continued, “[GiGi] has been okay so far!”.

O’maddy’s management says usually they close at 3:00 am but with the strongest part of the storm expected between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am they’re going to keep an eye on the changing conditions.

“We’ll take all the info and then make the best with it,” Harrison said.

The workers of O’Maddy’s tell News Channel 8’s Christine Mclarty that they will stay open as late as possible but will stick with the Max Defender 8 team and will play it by ear.