TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Dozens of animals are in Tampa Bay this evening safe and out of the way of hurricane Dorian.

Twenty-three animals arrived Sunday evening from the Jacksonville area, and 15 on Friday from Levy County.

Whether they’re canines looking to lick a new friend or a feline meowing for a head scratch, the SPCA of Tampa Bay in Largo has a place for them.

“Every shelter across the state of Florida is trying to figure out how they’re going to be impacted, or how they can help, or both because a number of us are going to feel both sides of the story,” said Martha Boden, the CEO of SPCA of Tampa Bay.

Four dogs and 19 cats were unloaded from an RV Sunday evening. They evacuated from the St. Johns County Pet Center in St. Augustine and Nassau Humane Society in Fernandina Beach.

“Other agencies have very small facilities or very vulnerable facilities and they’re the ones, in particular, we’re trying to connect with right now to say ‘how can we help you? What do you need,'” Boden said.

That communication is a daily phone call with other shelters throughout two states assessing the needs. Once animals arrive, they are looked over by veterinarians and placed in a kennel.

“Why not do this? This is what our community is about. We want to make sure that anybody who is facing any sort of stress, anxiety, homelessness, fear, has a place to turn. Has a place to go,” Boden said.

If there are more animals that need to be brought here in the coming days, shelter workers say they will make the room to care for these displaced animals.

Every shelter has a hurricane wish list with things they need on their website. Usually, it’s more blankets and towels, basic cleaning supplies, and often volunteers to help answer phones. Check your local shelter’s website if you want to help.