TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — On this week’s episode of Run For Fun with Leigh Spann, we look at ways to incorporate running and walking into your life.

Not everyone’s life is the same, and that means when and how we exercise must be different as well. If we make manageable goals and have realistic expectations, adding running to your life can increase your energy levels.

Tampa running coach Maria Williams gives some strategies for how to accomplish this. She’ll look at the different “seasons” of your life and how you can adjust your exercise regime to fit your current season. Plus, Coach Maria and Leigh discuss “stress buckets” and how to keep them from overflowing.

We also check in with Nick to see how his training is going for his first 5K race. Find out if he followed Coach Maria’s plan last week and see what he is scheduled to run this week.

Be sure to listen or watch previous episodes for more ways to make running fun.