TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — In this week’s episode of Run for Fun, we learn about carb-loading. Leigh Spann and Coach Maria explain what this actually means and how to effectively add carbohydrates to your diet to fuel your race.

While many people limit the amount of carbs they consume, long distance runners need extra carbs to be able to use their muscles for long periods of time.

Coach Maria discusses glycogen level in your muscles, how you build it up, and what happens if you deplete it completely.

Not all carbs are the same. Leigh and Maria discuss the types of carbs you should consume more of in the days before a long race. The carbs you may typically stay away from work quite well to load up those glycogen stores so you can tap into them in the later miles.

There are carb calculators that can help you determine how many grams of carbs you need based on your size and the race you’re running. To keep you from feeling so full, you can add extra carbs from sports drinks and candy.

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