TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — In this week’s episode of Run for Fun with Leigh Spann, we continue our discussion with local sports podiatrist, Dr. Brian Fullem.

We had so many questions from last week’s episode with Dr. Fullem, we continued it to this week. Runners often experience short-term pain with knees, shins, ankles and feet, and Dr. Fullem explains ways to mitigate that pain in the future.

Dr. Fullem and Coach Maria discuss how to tell the difference between tendon issues and bone fractures. Plus, they explain when these pains should be seen by a doctor and how long runners can expect to have to take a break to let them heal.

Dr. Fullem is also a local running coach, so he explains how he works to find the cause of a person’s pain or issue. By fixing the root problem, he hopes runners can continue running for many years to come.

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