TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — This week’s episode of Run for Fun with Leigh Spann focuses on the differences between running or walking in the morning and the evening.

Leigh and Coach Maria discuss what and when you should eat to prepare for exercising at different times of the day.

Choosing to go in the morning requires more than just waking up earlier. You’ll need a small amount of food even if running is the first thing you do. The body has been at rest for many hours, and it may take longer to warm muscles up before exercising feels comfortable.

Running or exercising later in the day means you’ll have to time your meals a bit differently to make sure you are well-fueled but not feeling weighed down.

You should also check the weather before deciding when to exercise outside. During the summer heat, sometimes the humidity is higher in the morning, and an evening run may feel more comfortable. On the other hand, the forecast often calls for afternoon and evening storms that make morning runs safer.

There isn’t a large difference in benefits of running in the morning verses the evening. The most important thing is to choose the time of day that works with your life, so you stay consistent.

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