TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — In Tuesday’s episode of Run for Fun, we take a look back at Leigh’s marathon on Saturday. With every race, runners learn lessons. Sometimes it’s because everything went perfectly, and sometimes it’s because there were issues during the race. Leigh tells us how the 26.2-mile race went in Indianapolis.

It was the first time she planned to run the entire race with a partner. One of her running friends, Joe Pistillo, ran alongside her, and he joins the show to explain how the conversations went before and during the race. It’s important for running partners to discuss potential scenarios before the starting line, so there’s no confusion about what to do when an issue pops up. Will they stay together no matter what? What if one needs to stop to use the restroom or at a medical tent? What if one runner is struggling and going much slower? There are plenty of “what ifs” that must be discussed.

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