TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — On this week’s episode of Run for Fun with Leigh Spann, we take a closer look at our hormones.

Coach Maria and Leigh sit down with a Tampa doctor, Dr. Michael Heim, and discuss ways to keep your hormones at the correct levels while staying active. Hormones are impacted by many aspects of our lives, so it’s important to keep them in check.

Dr. Heim explains what tests you should ask for to keep everything running happy with your body, so your body can continue to run happy.

If you’re not getting enough sleep or not eating enough to support your hormones, Cortisol levels will be too high. That spike can hurt your performance and make it feel harder to run. Plus, recovering from workouts is much more difficult. This can lead to working out less and becoming less active all together.

Increased Cortisol levels can also impact your thyroid and how you store iron in your body. Runners often have low iron, so it’s important to learn to balance your hormones to help keep running fun.

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