TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — In this week’s episode of Run for Fun with Leigh Spann, the topic is summer workout clothes.

Technical fabrics offer ways to help whisk sweat off your body, so you stay slightly cooler. Clothes that stay water-logged with sweat not only carry extra weight but make it more difficult to lower your body temperature.

These moisture-wicking fabrics can be found in anything from hats to shirts to socks. One of the worst fabrics to workout in during the summer is cotton. Coach Maria often says, “Cotton is rotten.”

If you’re out in the daylight, it’s also important to keep your skin shaded from the sun.

Running stores have many varieties of clothes, and it can sometimes get overwhelming. Cody Angell with St.Pete Running Company joins the show to help break down what to look for.

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