TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — In this week’s episode of Run for Fun, we focus on race anxiety. Now that it’s starting to cool off some, we get into “race season,” and many people will lace up their shoes and line up to start a race.

In the weeks and months before the race, people put in time and effort to prepare, and as race day nears, the jitters may increase. How do I know if I am ready? What if I get sick or injured now? Questions like these can cause race anxiety.

Coach Maria has helped hundreds of clients prepare for race day and that often includes getting them mentally ready. She discusses ways to minimize these jitters and how to stay focused on reaching the finish line. She reminds us all that this is a hobby and that we are doing this for fun.

WFLA’s Beth Rousseau also joins the discussion. She just ran a half marathon that she didn’t feel prepared for, and she got progressively more nervous in the days before the race. She explains how she got through the nerves and how the race went.

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