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Leigh’s runcast: Extra humidity makes it harder to keep your body temperature down during exercise

Run Cast

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Today’s Runcast Index is a 5. While the heat and humidity will make it tough for outside exercising today, there are fewer thunderstorms that will cause you to head back inside.

Temperatures climb into the low 90s this afternoon. With dew points in the low to mid 70s, the heat index will be 100-105.

The reason you feel so much hotter when the humidity is high is because your body can’t cool itself as efficiently. The internal “air conditioning” happens when sweat evaporates off your skin. Dew points near 74 degrees indicate that the air already has a lot of moisture, and it can’t hold much more. Therefore, sweat stays on your skin, and your body temperature keeps rising.

Since your body uses energy to create more sweat, you have to compensate with a less intense workout. If you feel like you need to do intense exercise, I’d advise to do it inside and go outside when your workouts can be easier.

While the best time to exercise outside is when the temperature is cooler in the morning, you also need to remember that the air is closer to saturation at that point. Cooler air can hold even less moisture than warmer air, and once the temperature and the dew point are the same, no more evaporation can occur. Basically, in the morning you won’t warm up as quickly, but you’ll have an even tougher time cooling down. You’ll notice you’re more covered it sweat since it doesn’t evaporate.

Daily reminder to stay hydrated with electrolytes to replace all the nutrients you lost in sweat.

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