TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — With many fish that are typically open for harvest closed right now, there are two important resources to never leave the dock without.

The first, if you’re fishing close to shore in state waters, is the Florida Fish and Wildlife Quick sheet. The state water regulations are simplified into a few short pages where it is easy to find the species, size and bag limits for both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.


You can download the saltwater version of the quick sheet here.

For federal waters, the free Fish Rules app is a perfect tool to have because it works even when you’re offshore without cell service. FWC partnered with the app to keep it up to date even when regulations are changed.

Overview of the Fish Rules app that FWC has partnered with to make it easy to stay up to date with regulations whether you’re in bay waters, state waters or federal waters.

The app makes it easy to find fish, see if they are in season, the size and bag limits as well as required gear based on your exact location. It will be customized to freshwater, bay waters, state and federal waters as well.

Fish Rules App showing the regulations for a gag grouper

If you’re far offshore without cell service, the app will allow you to manually put in your location and it will work just the same by pulling up regulations based on the location you put in.


Fish Rules App showing the regulations for lane snapper

You can search fish by species, exact name or even by picture making it easy to identify a species you may be unsure of. The free version of the app is available for free through the Apple and the Google Play Stores. There is also a desktop version to click through at home.