ST.PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — People living near North Shore Park say they can’t ignore the smell of dead fish washing up on the water’s edge due to red tide.

“It’s getting worse and worse every day, we have to work out with masks on,” said resident Keith Scott.

“I’ve definitely noticed the smell and it seems to be a little worse this year than I’ve noticed in the past. I come down every morning to do my runs, walks and it’s getting bad – this morning especially,” added Felicia Fortosis, who also lives nearby.

Some residents say their health has been affected.

“It’s a persistent cough, like a really heavy congested feeling, like a pressure in your chest,” Tanya Bayda said, describing her symptoms.

Pinellas County officials say crews have collected 600 tons of dead fish—equivalent to 1.2 million pounds.

“If a door in my house is open, the kids go and close it quickly, because it smells so bad outside,” Anandea Bergeron said.

People who take it upon themselves to collect the dead fish can drop them off at dumpsters at the following locations:

  • Crisp Park
  • Flora Wylie Park
  • Lassing Park
  • Demen’s Landing Park
  • Grande View Park
  • Bay Vista Park
  • Maximo Park

Resident can report fish kill and red tide at

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman is set to talk about red tide during a new conference in Crisp Park Wednesday at 10 a.m.