(NBC News) — Artic temperatures, blizzard conditions and the spray from Lake Erie left Hoak’s Lakeshore Restaurant in Hamburg, New York encased in ice.

Kevin Hoak, the restaurant’s owner, said the storm started building icicles on the building Friday, and the ice kept forming.

“So it started on Friday. I’d say probably around 8, 9 in the morning and it was sundowner winds splashing against restaurant, against the foundation and eventually it froze over because it was so cold because it went from like 45 degrees Fahrenheit to about 12 degrees Fahrenheit. And as you can see, it actually protected the restaurant by a dropping so low in temperature, because it is acting as a barrier and protecting the restaurant foundation,” Hoak said.

Hoak says it’s too early to tell how much damage the building sustained.

“I guess we won’t know until it melts. It’s pretty heavy. That’s what I’m nervous about. But nothing broke. No windows broke. No leaks. And we have just had new floor put in and none of that was touched. So right now we’re good, the only problem is the parking lot got beat up pretty bad,” he added.

Hamburg is just south of Buffalo. The entire western New York region is one of the areas hit hardest by a massive winter storm that swept across much of the United States last week. At least 28 people have died.