MATLACHA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida is considered the sportfishing capitol of the world, reeling in over $9 billion dollars annually. Many of the more than one million registered pleasure boats in the state are fishing charter vessels.

Experienced charter captains like Tadd Vandermark make sure they are well prepared for hurricane season. Because of the charter business affected by Hurricane Ian is making a slow but steady comeback. “I have been through a ton – too many hurricanes to say, so I know what’s gonna happen,” says Vandermark. Knowing there was a chance the storm would come in his direction, Vandermark started days in advance.

With the help of his son, he pulled six large boats from the water and trailered them all inland, away from any storm surge.

Because of his pre-planning, Vandermark was able to save his boats, and although he is temporarily out of business, he was able to use the boats to assist victims following the storm.

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