TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) – The moon will appear full again Thursday night as it rises at sunset. Like every month, this full moon is given a special name.

August’s full moon has several – The Green Corn Moon, the Sturgeon Moon or the Grain Moon. It has also been known as the Blueberry Moon in the past.

Also, like every month, these names aren’t random. They stem from ancient times when Native Americans needed a consistent way of tracking seasons and crop cycles, hence the crop names.

Not all tribes harvested the same crops across the land, which is why the same full moon has multiple names associated with it.

This month, sturgeon were caught in the northeast, grain was ready to be harvested, corn was fully done growing, not ready to be harvested just yet and blueberries were close as well.

Unlike rumors and memes may show, the moon will not in fact appear green tonight or any other night of the year. These are simply names that aren’t all that useful in today’s society.