TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Today was lovely! We warmed into the low 80s under mostly sunny skies. This evening we will see a small rapid cool down between 6-7 p.m. after sunset, when temperatures dip from the upper 70s into the low 70s. For the rest of the evening, the cool down will be much more gradual.

We will cool slowly down out of the low 70s and into the upper 60s overnight. Between 2-4 a.m. sea fog will begin to creep inland, reducing visibilities down to half a mile. The sea fog continues to move eastward, getting just past I-75 by 8 a.m. At this point, the sun is getting higher in the sky and our temperatures will begin to warm. The sea fog will regress back out towards the coastline, with the most persistent fog along our coastline through the mid morning.

After a foggy, cool start we will warm nicely. Expect climbing temperature through the 70s and into the low 80s during the afternoon. We will enjoy plenty of sunshine and no chances for showers.

We will be fog prone again overnight, as our temperature sink down into the 60s early Wednesday. The cool temperatures, nor the fog last long as we will warm nicely back inot the low 80s.

Despite staying 8-10 degrees above average each day, we should be just below record highs through Thursday.

Friday’s rain chances increase to 60% as a front finally makes its way this far south. The front lingers around through the weekend, so we keep in small rain chances.

The front and scattered showers help bring our afternoon highs closer to average in the low 70s.