TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — We enjoyed sunny, dry weather for most of the day, but evening storms will build over inland counties and fade slowly after sunset as they drift closer to the Gulf.

Showers and storms will develop along the coast as the sea breeze kicks in, and storms will move inland this evening. A few storms will produce heavy rain and we’ll have to watch for localized flooding with any slower moving storms. It’ll dry out after 9:00 p.m. and temperatures will fall into the upper 70s.

It’s a similar pattern on Friday with a 70% chance for rain in the afternoon and evening. Over the weekend, some slightly drier air will move in and limit the coverage of showers and thunderstorms, especially for Sunday. That slightly drier trend will continue into next week.

Tropical storm Fiona is moving through the Atlantic with maximum winds of 50 miles per hour. As it moves west toward the Caribbean islands, some slow strengthening is possible.

The National Hurricane Center forecast brings the storm across Puerto Rico and just to the north of the Dominican Republic as a tropical storm this weekend and into early next week.

It will likely approach the Bahamas Monday evening as a tropical storm. Most forecast models take the storm close or over the Bahamas as it recurves out into the Atlantic. We’ll be keeping an eye on it though.