TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Slow-moving tropical downpours are spreading across our area again this afternoon and will stretch into the evening. High rainfall rated and slow storm movement both contribute to the possibility of minor, temporary flooding. The rain will begin to fade after sunset.

Tropical Storm Arlene was named in the Gulf this afternoon, hurricane hunter aircraft found sustained winds at 40 mph. Arlene is expected to weaken and dissipate as it drifts southward through the Gulf.

We return to a more typical summer weather pattern tomorrow, but that means, we will still get a round of afternoon thunderstorms. The rain chance is 60%, and the storms will drift toward the coast again.

Sunday’s rain chance is 40%, and the overall winds will be slightly stronger from the northeast.

Rain chances drop to just 20% Tuesday and 10% Wednesday, but watch for the onshore wind pattern to set up in the middle of next week. In that pattern, we could see rain starting earlier in the day.