TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Today was perfect! We woke up cool, clear, and crisp and warmed up into the mild mid 70s for the afternoon. We will enjoy a lovely cool down this evening under mostly clear skies.

Tonight is beautiful and cool. Expect temperatures to cool down to 63° overnight. It will be quiet overnight and dry. Friday morning starts off cool and will be sunny and beautiful, enjoying lower humidity and a mild afternoon. 

Friday looks great also, we wake up around 65° and spend most of the day in the 70s. We will feel cooler thanks to lower humidity. Afternoon highs will reach the low 80s.

We wake up cool on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, close to 63°. Friday we will hit 80° and Saturday & Sunday we are back up to 81°. Monday is also warm, hitting 80°. Tuesday looks similar, warming up to 81°.

We are certainly in the dry season now with no rain expected for the next eight days.

Each afternoon will be near 80 degrees with comfortable humidity and lots of sunshine. The lower humidity makes it feel especially pleasant in the mornings and the evenings.

The beautiful weather continues into next week, Monday is warm, hitting 80°. We expect partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday. Next Friday will be a little cooler, warming up to 78°. 

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