TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – We broke our high temperature record for the day at the Tampa airport location, it was 89° and we hot 90° just after 2p.m. Several other area sites also tied or broke their high temperature records for today.

Expect a slow cool down this evening, thanks in part to how hot it got and also to the clouds, which act like a blanket overnight and slow our cooling. We should settle into the low 70s for our overnight low.

Thursday we expect another rapid warm up, with record-challenging afternoon heat. We will probably break the record for the Tampa location, expected to hit 90° and the record for the day is 89°.

Little to no rain is expected through Friday with just a few clouds building each afternoon.

We do add in a spotty shower or two on Saturday afternoon as the humidity begins to build. Our best rain chance comes on Easter Sunday with a 40% chance. It won’t rain all day, but be prepared for a shower to develop throughout the day.

We expect another round of showers on Monday, most likely showers firing up during the afternoon and lingering into the early evening.

The confidence in the long term forecast is low, meaning we could see lots of changes as we get a better idea of what to expect. As of right now, forecast models suggest we will see a weak low, track across the Gulf and eventually the state. If that were to occur, moisture and instability would increase across the state and we could see decent chances for afternoon showers each day through Thursday.

Next week, temperatures are slightly above normal, but we should stay well below record highs.