TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Today started out cloudy, but cleared as a weak front pushed through. The front won’t do much for us in terms of rain or cooler temperatures, but it does bring us drier air and lower humidity.

Tonight will cool slowly, staying mild in the 70s until early Tuesday morning. Once our temperatures do dip into the upper 60s, we expect fog to form.

The fog is persistent through 8 a.m, then it lifts and begins to clear. Our temperatures warm quickly once that occurs. We expect to climb up to a record-tying 88° during the afternoon under mostly sunny skies. There is only a 10% chance for a stray inland afternoon shower.

The record challenging heat continues through the rest of this week, as temperatures are expected to hit 90° and more for the first time this season. That is week above our average high for this time of the year, which is 81°.

Rain chances are slim to none this week, but we have a better chance of showers this weekend.

It’s too soon to tell the timing, but Easter Sunday holds the best chance for showers we’ve seen in weeks at 40%. We will keep you updated as we get a better idea of how the showers may impact your holiday plans.