TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – We’ve got a few storms boiling, mainly over our inland counties. They should fade or drift out of our area just after sunset. Temperatures will be in the upper 70s overnight with persistent humidity.

Saturday starts out sunny in the upper 70s. We warm quickly into low 90s with building clouds. We wake up to calm winds and by the afternoon we can expect westerly winds at 5 mph. Chances for rain build up after 2pm and peak at 40%. The chances for rain start to fade after 8pm.

Sunday starts out mostly sunny in the upper 70s again. We expect to warm quickly up into the low 90s. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms build up after 2p.m. and fade after sunset.

All eyes are on Monday’s forecast for the Bolts Boat Parade. Expect sunshine and hot temperatures, our chances for rain don’t build in until after 3 p.m- so the celebration after the boat parade may see showers, but the boat parade itself should be dry.

Next week looks hot, with scattered afternoon storms. Chances for rain do start to dwindle as we head towards Friday.