TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Today was HOT and felt even HOTTER. We topped out at 93°, but the feels like temperatures tanged from 100-112° at the peak of the afternoon. A few showers fired up just to the east of I-75 this afternoon- they are proliferating as they drift inland. Most of the rain will remain inland where it will fade around and just after sunset. An isolated shower or two could slide back towards the coastline, but it would be the exception, not the norm this evening.

Wednesday starts out in the upper 70s and low 80s and warms quickly into the sticky low 90s. The rain chances are slightly higher, at 40%, but we expect similar dispersion, with a few earlier afternoon coastal showers, but mainly afternoon downpours to the east of I-75.

Thursday looks a touch drier and marks a shift in our weather pattern, as westerly, or onshore winds develop. Westerly winds this time of the year bring us warmer overnight temperatures (the breeze is coming off of the warm, 90° Gulf!) and more limited chances for afternoon showers- we’ll still have a few, but not widespread every day. Unfortunately, these onshore winds will push higher concentrations of red tide and its effects, like dead fish, respiratory aggregations, and the stench, closer to our coastlines.

The onshore wind pattern late Thursday brings showers onto the coast in the morning on Friday. Overall, the rain chance is 30% Friday, but the rain starts earlier and ends earlier. This onshore wind pattern sticks around for Saturday and Sunday as well.