TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Today was warm, and a little more humid as the moisture is returning to our forecast. We topped out in the low 90s and stayed dry, with no showers popping up.

Tonight will be quiet and dry, with mostly clear skies. Temperatures will sink slowly down through the 80s and into the mid to low 70s.

The rain chance increases to 20% tomorrow afternoon and up to 40% Friday. Most of the showers form with the sea breeze in the afternoon. Afternoon temperatures will be warm, topping out in the low 90s.

The weekend looks pretty typical for us- we wake up in the upper 70s and warm up into the low 90s. We have 30-40% chances for showers each afternoon.

We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Lee as it strengthens in the central Atlantic. It will likely become a major hurricane and pass just to the north of the Caribbean Islands. When it makes a turn to the north will determine if anyone in the U.S. will feel impacts, but we have many days to track it until then.