TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Daily thunderstorm coverage has been below typical levels the past few days. That will continue for one more day on Thursday with 40% coverage.

The steering pattern has been onshore, but that is about to change. On Thursday a steering flow from the east will be established. That means instead of showers rolling onshore from the Gulf in the mornings, storms will be developing on the East Coast instead.

Starting Thursday and lasting into next week steering flow from the east will mean dry, sunny starts with slightly lower humidity each day. That early abundant sun should boost high temperatures into the mid 90s for many.

Spotty storms will develop along the west coast sea breeze, near the beach and over Metro areas in the early afternoon.

But the real surge of storms will come when the East Coast storms reach the Bay Area by mid afternoon east of I-75 and then into Metro Tampa Bay areas by early evening. Rain chances will also increase to 50% by Friday and 60% over the weekend.

For boaters and beach goers the winds will be generally light but afternoon and evening storms will produce lightning and gusty winds.

In the Tropics, the Atlantic remains very quiet. Development is not expected in the next 5 days.