TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The rain chances build during the afternoon hours over our inland counties. The storms will slowly drift westward towards the Gulf, weakening as they approach I-75. The last of the rain will fade after sunset.

Overnight starts out cloudy, but gradually clears. Temperatures will hover in the mid to upper 70s.

Thursday starts off comfortable, albeit humid. We warm quickly into the low 90s. There is an isolated chance for a few morning showers, but the widespread chances for showers build over our inland counties during the afternoon hours. As we head into the evening, those showers and storms drift towards the Gulf, cooling us into the 70s.

Friday looks wetter, especially during the afternoon hours. Some showers will build in our coastal counties, and a more robust round of rain will move into our inland counties from the east coast. These two areas of rain will collide over the center of our area and stall out, potentially resulting in heavy rainfall totals and potential flooding.

The rain chances drop slightly through the weekend. The heaviest rain and most widespread downpours will be still be in the later afternoon. We drop to a 60% chance Saturday and 40% Sunday.

Next week we get a break in the showers, but that will mean warmer afternoon temperatures. Rain chances will range between 30-50%, with the rainiest day on Tuesday.

Tropical Depression 7 formed over the mid-Atlantic, it is expected to become Tropical Storm Fiona tonight or Thursday morning. It is not expected to intensify into a hurricane over the next 5 days- it will battle dry and and quite a bit of shear, keeping it weak. It will be a rain maker of Hispaniola, where it weakens back into a Tropical Depression as it interacts with land. The two most likely scenarios for this system after that are dependent on the system’s strength, if it is organized and a little stronger, it will curve sharply to the north before approaching the Bahamas, heading north into the open Atlantic. If the system is weaker, it will most likely stay south of Hispaniola and Cuba and continue to drift westward, possibly dissipating.

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