TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — After a stormy 24 hours across parts of the Bay Area, the rain has moved out. Bright sun will return for Sunday with slightly lower humidity.

Although the humidity will be a little lower on Sunday, we have to wait for the front to pass before comfortable air moves in. That will happen later Sunday, so that by Monday you will feel a real difference. Gone will be the summery humidity. Instead the air will feel comfortable for the early and middle part of the week.

Extended periods of comfortable air are rare this late in the season but this time we have a driver. A storm will develop off the Eastern Seaboard. It will start off as a regular storm, but may transition into a named subtropical system. That remains to be seen, but regardless the circulation will help force dry air down into the Tampa Bay Area on its backside.

The system should drift southwestward and by the end of the week it is likely the storm will come close enough to the Southeast Coast to bring some showers to the Bay Area starting Thursday. As the moisture moves in, our humidity will increase again in time for next weekend.