TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Today was sunny, warm, and lovely with a nice light breeze. We topped out in the low to mid 80s with slightly higher humidity than we’d been enjoying over the weekend and on Monday.

Expect a quite pleasant cool down this evening, working into the 70s around sunset and quickly into the 60s for the overnight hours. Expect clear skies, calm wind, and cool temperatures. On Wednesday we wake up between the upper 50s to low to mid 60s.

Humidity begins to increase tomorrow. There will not be enough moisture for rainfall to develop, but the air won’t feel as crisp with highs back in the mid 80s.

We do add in a 10% rain chance in the afternoon Thursday and Friday. The majority of the Tampa Bay area will stay warm and dry in the mid-upper 80s. Any isolated showers that do occur will be most likely over eastern Polk and Highlands counties.

It stays quite warm through the weekend with small chances for rain. Saturday will be quite warm, with near 90° temperatures during the afternoon. Highs on Sunday will be closer to 87°. Expect building clouds Sunday evening.

A cold front should pass through on Monday, but there’s still only a 30% chance of rain. Behind the front, we’ll get a strong northeast wind and slightly cooler air.