TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Pollen season never really seems to go away in Florida, but there are few times a year when it is worse than others.

Different types of flowers, trees and grasses are in bloom year round in the sunshine state meaning the there is always some type of allergy being bothered.

Pollen levels hovered in the medium and high categories throughout the month of January. Temperatures averaged about two and half degrees above normal for the Tampa area which could have contributed to that. When we look at the past levels, there were three brief, but sharp dips in those levels during the month.

Those three dips occurred on days when we had widespread showers across the area. Enough rain to give the air a refresh and bring some of those pollens to the ground.

According to pollen.com, oak trees, juniper and maple tree pollens are blooming right now and have the highest pollen counts. But if you’re looking for relief, look for those elevated rain chances.

The pollen counts for today are expected to be close to high but with showers in the forecast Friday, the counts should come down to a lower category. It is brief though as the counts are forecast to go back up to the medium and then high on Saturday and Sunday.