TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Cooler air is headed toward the Tampa Bay area soon – and while some parts of the United States are dealing with snow and truly cold weather, the drop in temperatures here will likely feel chilly to Floridians.

Temperatures in the Tampa Bay region are expected to be in the 50s Thursday morning, with some counties even forecast to dip into the 40s. WFLA wants to know if you consider that cold weather – and if not, what temperature you do consider cold.

The local cooldown will come from a cold front that’s impacting much of the country, bringing snowy winter-like conditions to parts of the north.

“Temperatures are really going to fall quickly [Wednesday] evening, which will keep us below average for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” WFLA Meteorologist Leigh Spann said. “We’re going to keep some lingering clouds and eventually, especially toward Sunday and Monday of next week, we’re going to add rain chances back into the forecast.”

Looking ahead, the forecast is expected to be more mild next week for the Thanksgiving holiday.